Suomenoja CHP plant

Suomenoja CHP is located in Espoo, Southern Finland. The power plant produces heat and, to some degree, electricity for customers in three cities. The length of the district heating network is about 900 km.

Suomenoja CHP plant

Several investments over the years

The Suomenoja power plant has been in production since 1977.  Over the recent years, several investments have been made in order to discontinue the use use coal and gas and transform heating towards electricity-based heat production. At the moment, the plant consists of four CHP units, as well as a heat pump plant that re-uses heat from treated wastewater. The 60 MW heat pump plant has expanded to include three heat pumps that provide up to 25% of all the heat consumed in the district heating network area. 

The Suomenoja site also hosts a 20,000 m3 heat accumulator that can store about 800 MWh of heat energy in water. In addition, a new 100 MW electric boiler plant will be commissioned on the site in 2023. Together they can heat the district heating water during periods of cheaper power prices. The energy will be stored in the accumulator and released to the network when heat demand peaks. 


Panu Ahrnberg

Head of Production
Tel: +358405542462
panu [dot] ahrnberg [at] fortum [dot] com

Kalevi Kankkunen

Operation Manager
Tel: +358 40 827 4374
kalevi [dot] kankkunen [at] fortum [dot] com