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Date Time Topic
3.4.2023 11.51 EEST The broad political support for nuclear power and renewable energy is a promising starting point for the Finnish government negotiations
21.3.2023 16.26 EET Fortum’s statement on the role of nuclear energy in the European Commission’s proposal on Net Zero Industry Act
17.3.2023 15.02 EET Fortum seeks recognition for novel recycling technologies in the Commission’s proposal on packaging regulation
14.3.2023 18.15 EET The European Commission's proposed electricity market reform recognises the need to reinforce the investment predictability
8.2.2023 12.18 EET Fortum's statement on establishing a Union certification framework for carbon removals
3.2.2023 14.51 EET Fortum's comments on tax certainty aspects of Global minimum tax
1.12.2022 12.34 EET Fortum publishes guidelines for lobbying
29.11.2022 10.40 EET Fortum’s comments on the Forced Labour Ban regulation
24.11.2022 16.03 EET Fortum’s position on EU Nature Restoration Regulation
11.8.2022 13.22 EEST Fortum urges the EC to reconsider recycling in terms of new technologies
6.7.2022 13.48 EEST Fortum welcomes the European parliament’s decision to accept the inclusion of nuclear power in the EU taxonomy
31.5.2022 15.10 EEST Fortum's comments on the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence directive
6.4.2022 07.00 EEST Position paper on the European Commission’s Review of the EU Gas Market Design
5.4.2022 21.27 EEST Position paper on the European Commission’s Proposal for a Methane Emissions Regulation
14.2.2022 10.50 EET Regulatory framework needed to speed up the development of a European hydrogen economy
10.2.2022 15.20 EET Hydrogen legislation needs to acknowledge regional differences
3.2.2022 15.07 EET The inclusion of nuclear and gas in the EU Taxonomy is a crucial step towards European energy transition, but some criteria still need to be clarified
14.1.2022 11.16 EET Fortum's feedback on the EC proposal for a revised Waste Shipment Regulation
11.1.2022 09.44 EET Implementing a global corporate tax framework – will it support or slow down the energy transition?
21.12.2021 16.22 EET Climate Lobbying Review