Fortum Annual Review 2019

Fortum's annual reporting entity in 2019 includes CEO's Business Review, Financials (including the Financial Statements and Operating and Financial Review), Governance, Remuneration, Tax Footprint and Sustainability.

The reports can be downloaded below.

In 2019, we continued our efforts to implement Fortum’s strategy

We focused on operational excellence, assessed parts of our district heating business, continued to build solar and wind power, reached an agreement to increase our shareholding in Uniper, and improved our financial results. Read more in CEO’s Business Review

Financial performance in 2019

Comparable operating profit  1,191 million €  (2018: 987)

Cash flow from operations  2,015 million €  (2018: 804)

ROCE 10.0 % (2018: 6.7%)

Earnings per share 1.67 € (2018: 0.95 €)

Read more of Fortum's performance in Financials 2019

Highlights 2019

Collaboration partners
Agreement to buy over 20 % stake in Uniper

shareholding to over 70 %

Solar and wind
Close to 3 GW solar and wind portfolio

(incl. associates)

Nuclear power
The nuclear load factor at the highest level in Fortums' history

(incl. associates)

Key figures 2019


Comparable operating profit, EUR million