CCTV Privacy Notice

15 September 2021, 9:08 EEST

This privacy notice gives you information specifically about personal data processing related to CCTV monitoring at Fortum. For more general information about privacy at Fortum, please read our main privacy notices.

Your privacy in CCTV

1. Who is the data controller of the personal data?
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The data controller is specified in the CCTV sticker in the Fortum site where you are visiting.

2. What are the purposes and legal grounds for processing personal data?
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  • Security - Protection of property / other assets
    We use video monitoring for protecting our premises, facilities and other assets against theft, unauthorized trespassing or vandalism.
  • Security - Protection of life and physical integrity of individuals
    We collect and use video surveillance material for ensuring the safety of our employees, visitors or other individuals.
  • Legal rights - Collection of evidence for the defence of legal claims
    We collect and use video surveillance material for protecting our interests in disputes.
  • Security - Process monitoring, such as verification of measurements
    We collect and use video surveillance also in production processes, e.g. for monitoring water levels or other process parameters in our facilities.

The processing of personal data is based on the legitimate interests of Fortum.

3. What types of personal data does Fortum process?
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The personal data collected includes video recordings which may contain images of data subjects caught by a specific CCTV. The personal data collected may include in some cases audio recording.

4. How do we collect the information?
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The information is collected by camera system which is monitoring facilities or premises.

5. Who can have access to my personal data?
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Access to personal data is limited, and images can only be accessed by a limited number of authorised staff members of Fortum and/or contracted security company. Access to the hard-disk recorder is highly limited, being protected by a password and recording any log or action from the staff members. The personal data cannot be accessed without the authorisation of the CCTV system administrator.

Any time a third party processes personal data in our name and on our behalf, we ensure by contractual arrangements that personal data is processed in a secure manner and in accordance with the existing data protection laws. As a rule, your personal data is not shared with any third parties.

Fortum keeps your personal data inside the organization. However, in case Fortum must disclose personal data, within limits allowed by the applicable legislation, to authorities by their request, the scope of disclosure of personal data will be limited to what is absolutely necessary for that particular case, and the scope of the disclosure will be carefully documented.

6. Is there any automated decision-making or profiling involved?
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No automated decision making with legal effects or profiling takes place.

7. How long do we keep the information?
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The data retention time is specified in the CCTV sticker in the Fortum site where you are visiting.

The data retention times vary country by country, depending on the local laws. We delete or de-identify personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purposes it was collected for.

8. Contact information
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Further questions and comments regarding your privacy can be addressed to a dedicated privacy team using the privacy request form or in writing to the address below. While making the request, please specify the Fortum site you are visiting and the dates of your visit in order for us to scope your request properly.

Fortum Oyj
Keilalahdentie 2-4, 02150 Espoo

You are also able to reach Fortum’s Data Protection Officer through the channels provided above.


We care about your privacy

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