Stock exchange release

Fortum's shareholders' nomination committee representatives

16 December 2004, 11:10 EET

Fortum Corporation Stock Exchange Release 1 (1)
16 December 2004

Fortum's shareholders' nomination committee representatives Fortum's Annual General Meeting, held on 25 March 10042004, appointed a established a Nomination Committee to prepare proposals concerning board members and their emoluments for the following Annual General Meeting. The Nomination Committee will consist of the representatives of three biggest shareholders and the Chairman of the Board of Directors as an expert member. The following persons have been appointed to Fortum's Shareholders' Nomination Committee: Markku Tapio (Chairman), Director General, Ministry of Trade and Industry; Kari Puro, President and CEO, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company; and Jorma Huuhtanen, Director General, Social Insurance Institution. The Chairman of Fortum's Board of Directors Peter Fagernäs serves as the Committee's expert member. Fortum Corporation Carola Teir-Lehtinen Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Distribution: Helsinki Exchanges Key media