Stock exchange release

The nominees for Fortum's Board of Directors for the year 2009

02 February 2009, 12:00 EET

Fortum Corporation Stock exchange release 2 February 2009, 12.00 EET

The nominees for Fortum's Board of Directors for the year 2009                  

The Annual General Meeting of Fortum Corporation's shareholders, held on 1 April
2008, appointed a Shareholders' Nomination Committee consisting of              
representatives of the three largest shareholders to prepare proposals for the  
next Annual General Meeting (AGM) concerning Board members and their fees. In   
its meeting on 2 February 2009, the Shareholders' Nomination Committee decided  
to propose to the AGM, which is planned to be held on 7 April 2009, that the    
Board consists of seven members and following persons are elected to the Board  
of Directors: 
Peter Fagernäs as chairman                                                      
Matti Lehti as deputy chairman                                                  
Esko Aho as member                                                              
Sari Baldauf as member (new member)                                             
Ilona Ervasti-Vaintola as member                                                
Birgitta Johansson-Hedberg as member                                            
Christian Ramm-Schmidt as member                                                

The Shareholders' Nomination Committee proposes to Fortum Corporation's AGM that
the fees to be paid to the members of Board remain unchanged compared to 2008   
and are as follows:                                                             
Chairman, EUR 66,000/year                                                       
Deputy chairman, EUR 49,200/year 
Member, EUR 35,400/year                                                         
Meeting fee, EUR 600/meeting.                                                   

The meeting fee is also paid for committee meetings and is paid in double to a  
member who lives outside Finland in Europe. Furthermore, travel expenses shall  
be compensated for in accordance with the Company's travel policy.              

Fortum Corporation                                                              
Maria Romantschuk                                                               
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications                                 
Further information:                                                            
Pekka Timonen, Chairman of the Shareholders' Nomination                         
Committee, tel. +358 (0)9 1602 3000 
NASDAQ OMX Helsinki                                                             
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APPENDIX: CV                                                                    

Sari Baldauf,                                                                   
born 1955, M Sc, Business Administration                                        
Ms Baldauf holds honorary doctorate degrees in Technology (Helsinki University  
of Technology) and Business Administration (Turku School of Economics and       
Business Administration). She is an Honorary Fellow of London Business School.  

Main simultaneous positions of trust:                                           
Member of the Board in CapMan Plc, F-Secure Corporation, Daimler AG,            
Hewlett-Packard Company and Sanoma Corporation. She is also Member of the Board 
of Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA and Finnish Cultural Foundation, vice  
chair of the board of International Youth Foundation and chairman of the Board  
of Savonlinna Opera Festival.                                                   

Primary work experience:                                                        
Nokia Corporation, 1983 - 2005, several senior executive positions, member of   
the Group Executive Board 1994 - 2005.