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Fortum and Polish PGE start cooperation on CCS technologies

17 April 2009, 15:45 EEST

Fortum Oyj Press release 17.4.2009

Fortum and Polish PGE start cooperation on CCS technologies   
Fortum Corporation and PGE Belchatow Power Plant S.A., a subsidiary of Poland's 
biggest energy company PGE, have signed an agreement according to which the     
companies will start cooperation in carbon capture technologies and storage     
solutions (CCS). The contract was signed at the European Economic Congress in   
Both Fortum and PGE have their own development projects on-going, which are     
aiming for the CCS demonstration programme of the European Commission. The      
Commission's goal is to start 10-12 large scale CCS demonstration projects in   
the Member States starting from 2015.
The PGE Belchatow power plant in Central Poland is Europe's largest and world's 
second largest fossil fuel fired power plant with total installed power capacity
of 4,440 megawatts (MW).
Fortum aims at starting a CCS demonstration project jointly with Teollisuuden   
Voima (TVO) at the Finnish Meri-Pori power plant. The Meri-Pori plant  is one of
the cleanest and most effective coal-fired power plants in Europe. The power    
plant was completed in  1993 and its power generation capacity is 565 MW. It is 
jointly owned by Fortum and TVO.  
Fortum is committed to mitigate climate change and strives to keep the climate  
impact from its own activities at a minimum. Today, Fortum is one of the        
cleanest power companies in Europe and in the long term, the company's aim is to
be a CO2-free power and heat company.                                           

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