Press release

Fortum plans to build wind power on the island of Bergö in Finland

06 April 2009, 10:05 EEST

Fortum Corporation Press release 6.4.2009

Fortum plans to build wind power on the island of Bergö in Finland              

Fortum is investigating the possibility of building five wind power stations on 
the island of Bergö in the municipality of Maalahti in Finland. Negotiations    
with land owners, including the municipality of Maalahti, have produced a       
positive result. Negotiations on assessing the environmental impact of wind     
power stations have been started with the West Finland Regional Environment     

The total capacity of the wind power stations will be 15 - 20 megawatts         
equalling the annual electricity consumption of approximately 2,000- 2,700      
detached houses with electric heating.                                          
The leased area in the wooded south-western centre of the island of Bergö has   
been marked as an area suitable for wind power production in the regional land  
use plan of Ostrobothnia.                                                       

"We have leased over 30 hectares through preliminary contracts with land owners.
Wind power plant foundations, installation extensions and the necessary roads   
will be built in the area. Usage of the rest of the leased land area will remain
unchanged. The wind power plants are to be located as far away from populated   
areas as possible, at least half kilometre, to minimise impact on the           
environment," says Manager Sebastian Johansen from Fortum's wind power unit.    

If the municipality of Maalahti and other authorities grant the necessary       
permissions, building the foundations of the wind power plants can start in     
2012-2013. The wind power plants would start producing electricity approximately
two years after this.                                                           

Fortum strongly supports the increase of CO2-free and renewables-based energy   
production and wants to be an active partner in meeting the challenging RES     
targets set for Finland by the EU. Fortum's aim is to increase wind power       
production substantially by 2025.                                               

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Further information: Sebastian Johansen, Manager, wind power unit, Fortum       
Generation, tel. +358 40 354 3683.