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Fortum and Skanska in co-operation around sustainable cities of the future

26 May 2009, 09:30 EEST

Fortum Corporation Press release 26 May 2009

Fortum and Skanska in co-operation around sustainable cities of the future      

Fortum and Skanska have launched a joint project to pilot energy solutions for  
sustainable cities of the future. Fortum equips one of Skanska's residential    
buildings in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, with electricity-generating solar panels   
that can be used to recharge the residents' electric car. Project is first of   
its kind.                                                                       

The 16 storey building will have 35 square meter solar panels - generating about
3,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually - installed on its roof. The       
electricity will be used to provide lighting in the stairwell and for recharging
the electric car that is in the residents' disposal via a car pool. A display   
where the residents can check among other things how much electricity is being  
produced and for how long the car has been charged will be placed at the        
entrance of the building. The system is expected to be ready for use in October.

In the future, instead of only consuming energy, households are increasingly    
expected to also produce it - for example with solar panels and small-scale wind
power units - and to feed the excess electricity to the network.                
“With this cooperation, we can show a way toward a future where renewable energy
production, electric cars and charging posts are a natural part of our living   
environment. Small-scale energy production and new technology will open up new  
possibilities for us and our clients alike, and help us build sustainable cities
of the future,” says Marie Fossum, Head of Business Development at Fortum       

The project "Lindhagensterrassen 3" is the first step to meet the growing need  
of small scale energy production and part of Fortum's and Skanska's joint       
project ‘Sustainable Urban Living'. The project aims to create a concept for    
urban areas where the energy consumption of buildings will be very low or even  

”Skanska is determined to be the world's leading project developer and          
contractor in environmental efficiency. Now we have a possibility to test and   
demonstrate in full scale the solutions of the future in the middle of central  
Stockholm. It is an excellent step on the road to a more sustainable society,"  
says Johanna Eriksson, environmental specialist, Skanska Nya Hem.               

Skanska and Fortum are investigating the possibility to initiate a similar      
project in Finland.                                                             

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Additional information: 
Marie Fossum, Head of business development, Fortum Distribution, 
tel. +46 8 671 86 51 

Johanna Eriksson, environmental specialist, Skanska Nya Hem, 
tel. + 46 10 448 13 56