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Fortum's Climate Report published

12 June 2009, 13:51 EEST

Fortum Corporation Press release 12 June 2009

Fortum's Climate Report published 

Fortum has published its "Fortum and Climate Change 2009" report that describes 
how the company is addressing the climate challenge. The report is available    
online at                         

Fortum has a long-standing, strong commitment to reducing greenhouse gas        
emissions from its energy production and other operations. Fortum's             
carbon-dioxide free power generation in Europe is already more than 90%.        

"For several years, Fortum has been acknowledged as one of the best utilities in
the world for its approach to climate change by the Carbon Disclosure Project.  
With our newly-published report, we aim to further improve the transparency of  
our reporting", says Carola Teir-Lehtinen, Corporate Vice President,            
Sustainability, Fortum.                                                         

"With this report, we disclose our climate strategy and performance to a wide   
group of stakeholders. It describes our strong track record in climate change   
mitigation and our role as an enabler of a low-carbon society. We believe that  
our climate strategy, good carbon governance and disclosure practice help       
investors to judge Fortum's position in meeting future climate commitments and  
higher carbon prices," she continues.                                           

In 2008, thanks to determined investments in low-carbon energy sources and      
emission reduction measures, 92% of Fortum's power generation in the EU was     
CO2-free. The specific CO2-emission of Fortum's power generation is only 10% of 
the corresponding average figure in Europe. A wide range of emission reduction  
measures have resulted in an annual total reduction of 3.6-5.9 million tonnes of

Fortum has strict targets for carbon-dioxide emissions from its electricity and 
heat production within the EU. Outside the EU, Fortum is committed to increasing
the energy efficiency of power plants and thus reducing specific emissions. A   
number of other mitigation measures have been taken as well, e.g. a CO2-emission
limit for company cars and a 10% emission reduction target on CO2 from air      

The Fortum and Climate Change 2009 report presents Fortum's position on climate 
change, describes its goals in CO2-emission reduction and lays out the actions  
taken to reach the goals with several case examples. The report also discusses  
carbon governance, climate-benign products and services as well as Fortum's     
research and development for a carbon-free future. The ultimate goal for Fortum 
is to become a carbon-dioxide free energy company.                              

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