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Sollentuna Energi and Fortum Värme investigate extended cooperation in district heating

20 October 2009, 15:00 EEST

Fortum Corporation Press release 20 October 2009

Sollentuna Energi and Fortum Värme investigate extended cooperation in district 
Sollentuna Energi and Fortum Värme investigate new district heating and         
electricity production at Bristaverket, Sigtuna municipality. Once completed,   
the new unit would secure the future heating supply of Sollentuna municipality. 

Sollentuna Energi and Fortum Värme have signed a Letter of Statement in order to
investigate collaboration in new combined heat and power (CHP) production.      
Fortum is planning a new unit to its biomass-fuelled CHP-plant, Bristaverket, in
Sigtuna municipality in Sweden. According to plan, the new unit would be        
waste-fuelled and have a capacity of 60 MW heat and 20 MW electricity           
corresponding to the district heat and electricity consumption of around 40,000 
households. The preliminary estimate for the investment is around EUR 200       
million and the current plan is to have the new unit in operation by 2013.      

"Sollentuna municipality already today buys all of its district heating from us.
Now that we are planning new capacity at Bristaverket, it is natural to discuss 
cooperation. Through this project, Sollentuna municipality would secure its     
long-term district heating supply", says Fortum Värme's CEO Anders Egelrud. 

The new waste-fuelled unit in Brista would be able to process a total of 240,000
tons of household and industrial waste per year. The site's proximity to a waste
treatment facility and existing infrastructure provide significant advantages   
from a regional energy supply perspective.                                      

"We need to study our long-term district heating supply, and in that context, 
Fortum's plans regarding new production at Brista are very interesting to us.   
For many years, we have bought our district heating from Fortum and already have
joint ownership with Fortum Värme in the Akalla plant, and that cooperation has 
proved to work very well", says Gösta Söderkvist, CEO of Sollentuna Energi. 

Fortum has years of experience in waste-to-energy production from its Högdalen  
CHP-plant in southern Stockholm, and now the company would like to leverage this
experience in northern Stockholm too.                                           

"This investment would contribute to a sustainable resource management and
be good for the environment. When the European Commission elected Stockholm as  
European Green Capital 2010, it was partly thanks to the city's waste-to-heat   
and electricity production at Högdalen", Anders Egelrud concludes. 

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