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Fortum Shareholders' Nomination Committee

11 November 2009, 15:15 EET

Fortum Corporation Stock exchange release 11.11.2009, 15.15 EET

Fortum Shareholders' Nomination Committee                                       

The following persons have been appointed to Fortum Shareholders' Nomination    
Committee: Pekka Timonen, Director General, Prime Minister's Office, Ownership  
Steering Department; Harri Sailas, CEO, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance      
Company, and Jorma Huuhtanen, Director General, Social Insurance Institution.   
The Chairman of Fortum's Board of Directors Matti Lehti serves as the           
Committee's expert member. In addition, Sari Baldauf, the Deputy Chairman of    
Fortum's Board of Directors, has been nominated by the Board as an expert member
to the Committee.                                                               

According to the resolution by the Annual General Meeting, the Shareholders'    
Nomination Committee consists of the representatives of the three main          
shareholders and, in addition, two expert members: the chairman of the Board of 
Directors and another member, who is elected by the Board of Directors among its
members and is independent from the significant shareholders. The Committee is  
to prepare proposals concerning board members and their compensation for the    
following Annual General Meeting.                                               

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