Press release

Fortum enters the Polish electricity market

16 December 2009, 13:00 EET

Fortum Corporation Press release 16 December 2009

Fortum enters the Polish electricity market                                     

Fortum has established trading operations in Warsaw, Poland. The company's first
trade on the Polish electricity marketplace poee was done on Wednesday 9        
December. By entering the Polish electricity market Fortum prepares for the     
commission of its new combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Częstochowa,       
Poland, in 2010. Once completed, the biomass and coal-fired plant will have a   
capacity of 65 megawatt (MW) of electricity and 120 MW of heat. All electricity 
produced at Częstochowa-CHP will be sold to the market.                         

"The developing Polish electricity market is very interesting to Fortum and the 
commission of our new CHP-plant in Częstochowa provides a natural stepping stone
to the market. We believe Fortum can leverage the competence it has developed in
the Nordic power market also in new market places," says Pirja Heiskanen, Vice  
President, Trading and Industrial Intelligence at Fortum.                       

Fortum entered the Polish district heating market in 2003 and has developed its 
heat business in the country by acquiring several heating companies in the past 
few years. Currently, Fortum owns some 50 heat plants in the country and
has district heating networks in over 40 cities and towns. The largest networks
are located in Wroclaw, Częstochowa and Plock. In 2008, Fortum's heat sales in 
Poland were 3.6 TWh.                                                            

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