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Fortum records best-ever safety performance

18 May 2010, 13:00 EEST

Fortum Corporation Press release 18.5.2010

Fortum records best-ever safety performance                                     

Fortum's sustainability key figures for 2009 have been published on the         
company's website at: Among the most      
important achievements last year were the improvement in the level of           
occupational safety, the strengthening of sustainability factors in the         
management of goods and service suppliers, and measures to mitigate climate     

In work safety last year, Fortum achieved the company's best-ever record: the   
lost workday injury frequency* was 2.4 (2008: 4.3).                             

”Fortum aims to excel in sustainability, and work safety has been one of our    
priorities for years now. As a result of systematic development efforts, our    
safety level has improved significantly, and that is something we can be proud  
of. However, the work goes on, and our goal this year is to lower the lost      
workday injury frequency to less than one,” says Ulla Rehell, Vice President,   
Sustainability, Fortum.                                                         

Climate actions, supply chain management, and support for society an important  

Fortum's goal is to be one of Europe's lowest-emitting energy companies. In 2009
the company's carbon dioxide emissions from power generation were 155 g/kWh. The
average specific emissions of European power producers in recent years have been
about 400 g/kWh. Renewable energy sources accounted for 36% of the power        
generation and 17% of the heat production. All Nordic customers were sold CO2   
emissions-free electricity, and in Finland the electricity sold to residential  
customers was produced 100% by hydropower. In Sweden all ”Fortum Enkel”
customers automatically received Bra Miljöval-labelled electricity.

The code of conduct containing aspects of sustainability for suppliers of goods 
and services was used widely in the Nordic countries and was also taken into use
in Poland and the Baltic countries. About 90% of the total EUR 2,442 million in 
procurements came from European suppliers.                                      

Fortum renewed its sponsorship programme in 2009, and supported society with EUR
1.8 million. Collaboration projects focused on children and young people and on 
environmental and social well-being.                                            

Fortum employed an average of 13,278 people in 2009 and paid EUR 491 million in 
wages and remuneration. The company paid EUR 466 million in taxes as well as EUR
888 million in dividends to shareholders. Over 70% of the dividends were paid to
Finnish shareholders.                                                           

All of Fortum's 2009 sustainability key figures can be found at:                                                  

Additional information:                                                         
Ulla Rehell, Vice President, Sustainability                                     
tel. +358 10 45 29251, ulla [dot] rehell [at] fortum [dot] com 

* The lost workday injury frequency figure indicates the number of accidents    
that have led to an absence of one or more full working days per million working