Press release

Fortum's deal of two Polish power and heat companies finalised

03 January 2011, 14:50 EET

Fortum's deal of two Polish power and heat companies, Elektrociepłownia Zabrze S.A and Zespół Elektrociepłowni Bytom S.A., was completed today, as the Polish Anti-Monopoly Office issued their agreement for it. According to the agreement, Fortum will acquire 85% of shares of the Polish power and heat companies for approximately EUR 20.6 million and change the names of the companies to Fortum Bytom S.A and Fortum Zabrze S.A. The companies are sold as part of the privatisation of the power and heat sector in Poland.

EC Zabrze and ZEC Bytom are among the main producers of heat for local municipalities in the Silesia region of southern Poland. Total combined heat sales of the companies is 930 gigawatt-hours annually (GWh/a) and electricity sales 260 GWh/a. Production is mainly coal-fired.

The acquisition significantly increases Fortum's power production capacity in Poland. Moreover, Fortum will gain the access to the second largest heat market in Poland with 2.3 million citizens living in 21 municipalities in the region.

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