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Fortum renewed its sustainability programme and targets

04 April 2011, 13:00 EEST

Fortum's Sustainability Report for 2010 has been published. The new report supports the company's goal to provide more comprehensive reporting of significant sustainability issues for Fortum's stakeholders, and it presents the ways in which Fortum takes economic, environmental and social responsibility into consideration in a balanced manner in the company's operations.

In conjunction with the strategy work, Fortum revised its approach to sustainability and defined new Group-level sustainability targets. The new targets include e.g. specific CO2 emissions target for Fortum's total energy production (electricity and heat, <200 g/kWh) and a target for the overall efficiency of fuel use (>70%).

Strong commitment to performance

Fortum reports now for the first time the euro-amount of added value generated by Fortum’s operations and distributed by the company in different countries of operations. In 2010 the added value generated and distributed by Fortum totalled 5.2 billion euros.

Fortum’s investments totalled 1.2 billion euros, 214 million euros of which was for CO2-free production. Purchases accounted for over 2.8 billion euros. An average of 11,156 employees worked at Fortum in 2010. Fortum’s support for organisations and communities working for the common good in the countries where it operates totalled about 5.2 million euros.

Long-term aspiration to be CO2-free

In 2010 86% of Fortum’s electricity production in the EU was CO2-free. As part of the Sustainability Report, Fortum’s Roadmap to a CO2-free future was published.

In the EU, 98% of Fortum’s operations were ISO 14001-certified at the end of 2010. The goal is to certify OAO Fortum’s operations in Russia during 2011. The company is engaged in long-term efforts to reduce environmental impacts in Russia.

All-time best safety level in European operations

Fortum’s goal is that its own personnel and the subcontractors working at Fortum are well and work in safe environment. Fortum’s lost workday injury frequency (LWIF) in 2010 was 2.4, and in Europe the company achieved its all-time best safety level (LWIF 2.2).

Focus on well-being at work

In 2010 Fortum implemented the ForCARE occupational well-being programme, which aims to promote working capacity, occupational safety and well-being at the workplace. The aim of the programme is e.g. to reduce sickness-related absences by developing the work and the work environment and to promote working capacity.

Fortum’s Sustainability Report has been published in Finnish and English; it is available online at The Swedish-language version of the report will be published at the end of April 2011. The Report complies with the B+ level reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and is checked by a third party.

Additional information:
Ulla Rehell, Vice President, Sustainability
tel. +358 (0)10 45 29251, ulla [dot] rehell [at] fortum [dot] com

Pirjetta Soikkeli, Vice Precident, Internal and Sustainability Communications
tel. +358 (0)10 453 2240, pirjetta [dot] soikkeli [at] fortum [dot] com