Lakeside Energy from Waste Plant, United Kingdom, 2007–2012

Fortum’s international experience in operation and maintenance using waste fuels contributed to customer’s choice. Fortum’s OM project for staff mobilisation, recruitment and training benefitted the plant performance.


Description of the project

Lakeside Energy from Waste (EfW) is a joint venture project between two of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management companies; Grundon Waste Management and Viridor.

The EfW component burns primarily the residues from source segregated domestic waste. Provision has been made to provide the energy to local enterprises. Lakeside is a leading example of the UK’s EfW industries.

Under the contract Fortum was responsible for:

  • A detailed Design Review
  • O&M Staff mobilisation, recruiting and training
  • Operation and Maintenance Management
  • Implementation of the integrated management system to achieve:  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Technology transfer
  • Take-over of the plant into commercial operation

Fortum’s contribution to the project

  • Fortum Management Team in place: Plant Manager, Operations Manager and Technical Manager
  • Remaining staff of 41 employed and Lakeside, recruited and managed by Fortum
  • Fortum provided Lakeside with outline of Staff Terms and Conditions staff job descriptions and recruitment processes
  • Fortum training program provided to Lakeside staff and managed by Fortum which included: Competency matrix development, EHS and Staff induction training programme, Safe system of work implementation and training.
  • Integrated management system in place before commercial operation date (COD): Achieved all three ISO standards within four months of commercial operation.

Customer benefits

  • Plant performance after Commercial Operation exceeded performance levels with staff trained adequately
  • Terms and conditions were improved
  • Fortum’s Integrated Management System based on TOPGen® consept in use at the plant
  • Fortum O&M management tools in place ensuring the business is effectively & efficiently managed
  • High level of EHS and safe system of work processes in place providing continual high standard of EHS at site
  • Fortum’s IT tools tailored to customer’s needs


  • Power Plant: Lakeside Energy from Waste (EfW) Location: Near Heathrow, Colnbrook, United Kingdom
  • Power output: 37 MWe / 410,000 tonnes of resudial waste per year. Two 27 t/h incineration streams utilising advanced and proven moving grate technology
  • Commercial operation: April 2010
  • Customer: Joint Venture Grundon Waste Management and Viridor Waste Management. Project duration: 2007–2012
  • Services: Full scope O&M Mobilisation and Management

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