Fortum's Nyagan power plant project in Russia advances to testing

21 January 2013, 13:58 EET

Testing of gas turbines at Fortum’s Nyagan power plant unit 1 under construction in Russia has started. A completely new plant consisting of three combined-cycle gas units is being constructed in the city of Nyagan in Northern Urals. When completed, the power production capacity of the natural gas-fuelled power plant will be a total of 1,254 megawatts (MW). Fortum estimates the commissioning of Nyagan 1 to take place during the first quarter of 2013.

The production equipment of the power plant’s first 418-MW unit was run for one hour at a nominal frequency with no load. The test performed on the gas turbine is the first part of the final inspections and tests to be performed on the power plant and its equipment before the plant unit begins production.

Tests of the power plant’s grid-synchronised generator will be conducted in the upcoming days. During testing, it will deliver the first test megawatts to the grid. At the same time, the boiler steam pipes will be purged of any debris. Comprehensive testing and certification are likely to be started in February. At the same time, the installation of the main equipment for the Nyagan power plant’s second unit and the installation of thermal circuits of the third unit’s turbine and boiler halls are under way.

Fortum focuses on power and heat production and sales in Russia. The company’s extensive investment programme, which will be completed by the end of 2014, is a key driver of growth in Russia. After the completion of the investment programme, the electricity production capacity of Fortum’s Russian subsidiary OAO Fortum will nearly double and will exceed 5,100 MW, primarily as a result of the power plant units utilising modern gas turbine technology.

Nyagan power plant in Russia