Fortum's solar panels to improve student's lives in Rajasthan

20 May 2014, 13:25 EEST

Earlier this year, Fortum made a commitment to equip three schools in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, with solar-powered infrastructure. The project has just been completed resulting in significant improvement of studying conditions for 1200 students.

With the temperature in Rajasthan going beyond 45 degree Celsius in the summer, cooling of the classrooms with solar power has brought relief to hundreds of students. The solar panels enable uninterrupted supply of environmentally friendly energy without a constant threat of a blackout.





“We appreciate Fortum’s effort in realising the underlying problem of the education system in this region. This summer onwards, we don’t need to worry about the power cut in this scorching heat as we are now equipped to have power connectivity at any point of time. And we have already witnessed the results. During summers, it was a normal phenomenon to see a drop in attendance but this time, we have observed a significant improvement, with approximately 95 % attendance every day”, says Ms. Charu Verma, Principal of Shishu Sadan, Bhilwara.

The initiative is part of Fortum's corporate social responsibility programme and its contribution to the development and well-being of the local society.

"This initiative is a testimony of Fortum’s commitment towards sustainable development. We are keen to support any efforts where we are able to contribute to improving the lives of local societies around us by providing clean energy to further their development. We also trust this initiative will inherit the sense of energy utilisation among these young citizens who could well be our future customers and hold the key to India’s growth. It makes them realise the value that solar energy can bring into our lives", says Sanjay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Fortum India.