Fortum's Christmas donations for charity

23 December 2014, 11:52 EET

Fortum makes every year Christmas donations for charity in all of its main operating countries. Fortum's own personnel selects the charity organisations by voting. ​

This year the donations will go to Red Cross in Finland, Stockholms Stadsmission in Sweden, Child's Heart foundation in Poland, Let’s help children in mourning programme in Estonia, Friend’s class boarding school at Jelgava, Latvia, charity foundation Aurelija Makuniene in Lithuania and three children's charity organisations in Russia. Fortum donates some 200,000 euros to charity annually.

"Each year personnel in Fortum countries have been asked to vote for the charity organisation that will receive Fortum’s donation. By supporting substantially one charity organisation in a country at a time we can make a difference. Fortum’s support is directed to help the distressed people. Thank you all who voted and participated helping this way”, says Helena Aatinen, SVP, Corporate Communications.

In Finland personnel chose Red Cross´s programme of Emergency youth shelters which offers support to young people between 12 to 19 years and their families. In shelters young people will meet someone to talk to when they have problems in their life. All the services are free. The emergency shelter also offers a temporary overnight bed if needed.

The Swedish donation will be given to Stockholms Stadsmission’s project Unga Station. The project supports and offers a community to people who are suffering from acute deprivation. Unga Station supports also children, families, teenagers and young parents experiencing difficulties in life. Among other activities, a summer camp for children is arranged every summer.

In Poland, the Fortum employees decided to support Child's Heart a foundation that helps children with heart diseases, and their families. The work covers also raising awareness on heart diseases, the diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the organization is engaged in promoting children's health and education as well as in activities towards welfare and social problems prevention. As the motto is "Good heart may save children with heart defects", we believe that thanks to Fortum´s Christmas donation, we can save some lives.

In Russia a long-term cooperation is assured by supporting the same local organisations as before. All three organisations (Belchyonok childrens center, Gamoniya rehabilitation center and Tyumen regional medical society) help children with different difficulties, disabilities and mental or physical disorders.

In Estonia, the Fortum personnel chose a charity organisation arranging crisis programmes for children and youth under the theme “Let’s help children in mourning!”. The programme offers support to bereaved children. Statistically hundreds of children loose one or both of their parents every year. A timely and professional support will help these children to avoid potential long-lasting and hidden effects of mourning. At the support camps the children can spend time with their peers.

Latvian employees voted for Friend’s class at Jelgava boarding school which is specially designed and adapted for children with serious disabilities. With the support of the donation, the schools will procure an interactive board that will greatly support physical and mental development as well as the overall study process for children attending Friend’s class.

In Lithuania, the donation goes also to children. Charity foundation Aurelija Makuniene takes care of talented children who are living without parents´ support and also families with very low income. The foundation supports this year Kleizu family who has earlier lost their home in a fire. The donation will help the family to improve their living conditions and to build a container house with new heating boiler.