Great success for Fortum's innovation challenge

27 February 2015, 11:14 EET

​In November we announced the launch of our innovation challenge for students. This week was the last date for submitting your entry, and the result has been staggering.

All in all we have over 60 entries from students in Finland and Sweden. This means that we have 60 interesting and innovative ideas, two of which will have the chance of becoming reality when one winner in each country is announced in April. This really feels great for me and my colleagues in R&D.

This competition is a part of our R&D work, and in line with our strive towards a solar economy. In the Innovation Challenge we turn towards students to come up with new ideas for the energy consumer market, and the winners get a chance to realise their ideas in an internship at Fortum.

The next step in the competition is for the jury to screen all the entries and decide on 5 finalists in each country that make it to the final stage. In the final stage we will offer each finalist team a chance for a 4 week coaching to improve their idea before a final winner is decided on. The winner will be announced in late April and after that we can start to implement the new innovative ideas.

The interest in our competition and the large number of entries shows that there are great innovations and creative minds out there who are ready to be a part of the next generation energy company. With these new concepts and with constantly developing all aspects of the energy sector we can build a truly sustainable energy system for the future.

Heli Antila
Chief Technology Officer