A visible landmark for the new biofuelled CHP plant in Stockholm

15 July 2015, 11:36 EEST

Fortum Värme is constructing a new biofuelled combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Värtan, Stockholm.

The work started in January 2013, and the plant is planned to be commissioned in 2016. The renewable energy will be obtained from waste products from the forestry industry such as chips, bark, branches, tops and twigs. The new plant is an important step in the development of a sustainable energy supply in Stockholm, Sweden and the rest of Europe.

The work in Värtan, close to downtown Stockholm, is progressing well, and as a visible sign a new fuel crane is now in place in Energihamnen harbor. The fuel crane will unload the wood chips arriving by sea to the harbor. After unloading and sorting, a transportation belt in underground tunnels takes chips to the plant where they are used in producing heat and electricity. The heat production will equal the annual heat consumption of about 190,000 households. Thanks to the new plant, the global CO2 emissions will decrease by 650,000 tons annually.

The investment of approximately EUR 500 million plays an important role in Fortum Värme's work towards entirely climate neutral electricity and heat production with 100 percent renewable and recovered resources latest in 2030. Even now 87 percent of all the energy Fortum Värme uses to produce heat and electricity is renewable or recovered, whether in the form of biomass, hydro-electric power, waste heat or waste energy. When the new biofuelled CHP plant in Värtan is commissioned in 2016, the percentage of renewable and recovered energy will increase to 90 percent.​

CHP plant in Värtan
The new fuel crane in Energihamnen harbor.