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Improvement in Fortum's customer satisfaction

14 December 2015, 16:28 EET

12/14/2015 16:28 EET


The yearly industry-wide customer satisfaction (EPSI/SKI) results among the Nordic electricity retail customers have been published.

​Fortum's score improved in all three countries where we are operating. 

In Norway, Fortum's score went up by as much as 5.8 points and reached a good level of 75.6 - well-above the industry average of 72.0. In Finland, Fortum's customer satisfaction increased by 1.1 points reaching an all-time high score of 74.7 (industry average 76.0). In Sweden, our score was 64.4 (industry average 68.1), with a clear improvement of 1.8 points.

"I am very happy to see a positive customer satisfaction trend in all the Nordic countries. It shows that our efforts towards a more customer-centric approach in the company is really bringing results," says Matti Saario, Head of Customer function at Fortum.  

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