Our Christmas donations support various charity organisations

23 December 2015, 10:10 EET

For several years now, Fortum has made Christmas donations to charity organisations in all its major operating cuontries.

Fortum employees in each country can vote and choose the local organisation getting Fortum’s donation. The chosen organisations largely direct their help to children and young people.

This year, the Finnish donation will go to the Save the Children Finland organisation, which helps and supports families especially when the parents' resources are limited. The preventive work intends to help families who need temporarily help.

In Sweden Fortum´s employees voted for UNHCR. It is mandated to protect and support refugees and assist in voluntary repatriation or resettlements.

Fortum has made Christmas donations to charity organisations in all its major operating countries.

In Russia our donation goes to three different organisations: Belchyonok children's center which helps children from vulnerable and single-parent families, Tyumen´s regional medical society helping with surgical treatment and medication of children with cerebral palsy, cancer and other serious diseases and Garmonia rehabilitation center, which provides social rehabilitation for children and adolescents suffering from mental or physical disorders.

In Poland our Christmas donation helps children who suffer after severe traumatic brain injury. Ewa Błaszczyk’s Foundation Akogo is helping children in neurological rehabilitation at the Central Hospital for children.

In Estonia our donation is given to Naerata Ometi organisation helping children and families who need help to survive in everyday life. Projects vary from helping disabled children with treatments and therapy to helping pensioners.

In Lithuania we support children´s hospital in Santariškės, which has established a fund to support and offer medical training and educational programmes. The hospital can offer treatment for children with rare and complicated diseases.

In Latvia, a boarding school number 1 in Jelgava is specially designed for children with serious disabilities. With our donation, the school can provide out-door workout equipment for children attending the school.

We hope that our donations will go where they are needed most and will put smiles on the faces of children.​