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A good and safe production year 2015 at Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant – sizeable investment programme progressed as planned

04 January 2016, 13:00 EET


Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant had a successful production year in 2015.
A total of 8.47 terawatt hours of power was generated, corresponding to about
13 per cent of total energy generation in Finland. On an international scale,
the 92.9% load factor of the Loviisa nuclear power plant was among the best in
the world for pressurised water reactor power plants. Loviisa unit 1’s load
factor was 92.7% and Loviisa unit 2’s 93.1%. Loviisa 1’s production output was
the fourth highest in the history of the plant.

Both units underwent a short outage during which one quarter of the fuel in
both units was replaced. Unit 1 was out of production for 21 days and Unit 2
for 17 days. In addition to the normal scheduled maintenance and fuel
replacement, the turbine reheaters were replaced on both units which improve
the reliability as well as the efficiency of the power plant.

“The investment programme currently being carried out at the Loviisa nuclear
power plant is the most extensive in the plant’s history. The programme aims to
secure safe, reliable and profitable energy generation for the duration of the
operating licenses, i.e. until 2027 and 2030. The most significant investments
are related to the renewal of the power plant automation, continuous
improvement of safety and refurbishment of the turbine generators,” says
Loviisa Power Plant Deputy Director Thomas Buddas.

Among the most significant of the investments to improve plant safety were the
backup cooling system that is independent of seawater and the diesel fuel
storage and distribution system. Both investments improve safety in the event
of extreme natural phenomena and in potential oil spills in the Gulf of
Finland. With these improvements, the plant can operate without outside
assistance for at least three days.

Fortum's investments in the Loviisa power plant in 2015 were at the same level
as in 2014 (approximately EUR 80 million). The investment programme will
continue to be significant also in the coming years.

The Loviisa power plant has a good safety level, and the plant’s safety and
availability are developed in line with the continuous improvement principle.
In 2015 there were no significant safety related incidents (on the INES scale
used by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)) at the Loviisa power

Loviisa nuclear power plant is a major employer in the region, providing work
for over 500 Fortum employees and some 100 permanent employees of other
companies working in the plant area every day. Additionally, a total of 750
contractor employees, 90% of them Finns, participated in the annual outages and
projects in 2015.

“As a carbon dioxide-free production form, nuclear energy curbs climate change.
The Loviisa power plant contributes with steady and reliable base-load
electricity, which improves energy security of supply for society and supports
the increase of renewable energy in the energy system,” Buddas concludes.

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Further information:
Thomas Buddas, Deputy Director, Loviisa Power Plant, Fortum, tel. +358 50 455

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