Fortum’s views on the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive

02 February 2016, 11:51 EET

Fortum has published its views on the EU Commission's consultation to collect opinions and suggestions for the review of the Directive on Energy Efficiency (EED).

The upcoming February release of the EU strategy on heating and cooling is designed to give further input to this process.

The key EU target is to reduce carbon emissions. The strengthened EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) should be the main driver of energy efficiency in the sectors covered, while additional EU and national-level activities should focus on non-ETS sectors. Targets and measures related to energy efficiency and renewable energy should be more flexible for national implementation as they are the main tools for achieving carbon reduction. The main part of the heating and cooling sectors in Europe today fall outside the ETS, while heating and cooling represent roughly half of the EU's total energy consumption. Decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sectors will further help to prioritise security of energy supply in the EU.

Fortum believes that for the upcoming review of the EED and the related target-setting towards 2030, the following points should be enhanced:

  • A European-level binding target to reduce emissions would be relevant. EED and RED should focus on non-ETS sectors.
  • The timing of energy consumption is becoming as important as the consumed amount
  • Customers and end-users should be at the core
  • Scalable fast-track needed towards a low-carbon economy and energy efficiency by DHC and CHP
  • The combination of binding targets and binding measures under article 7 of the EED to be reconsidered
  • National flexibility between energy efficiency obligation schemes (EEOS) and alternative measures should be continued

More information:
Harri-Pekka Korhonen, Head of Heat Policies and Regulation, Fortum Corporation
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Monika Kuusela, Senior Manager, Heat Policies and Regulation, Fortum Corporation
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