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Loviisa power plants' Emergency Preparedness Exercise Loviisa 16 will be held on Wednesday 27 April 2016

25 April 2016, 15:08 EEST

​National Loviisa power plant emergency preparedness exercise, Loviisa 16, will be held on Wednesday, 27 April, 2016. According to the national legislation the exercise has to be organised every three years.

Loviisa 16 exercise is led by Eastern-Uusimaa Emergency Services Department and it is a joint cooperation between Fortum, the Emergency Services College and the authorities involved in the rescue operations and other entities. Altogether more than 50 organisations take part in the exercisef including ministries, municipalities, expert institutions and agencies. Also, a group of students from the University of Helsinki will participate representing media and members of the public.

This time the exercise also includes a limited evacuation exercise in Loviisa, as well as radiation monitoring patrols, operating in the scope determined by the authorities.