Jaworzno III Tauron, low-NOx combustion project, Poland 2010–2016

One of the biggest low-NOx combustion project in Poland 2010–2016. Fortum has implemented a project involving combustion control and reduction of NOx emissions in Poland at Tauron Jaworzno III power plant.

Jaworzno IIi Thermal refernce

Description of the project

Jaworzno III is the largest power plant of the Jaworzno power plant complex. It has 1345 MW installed electrical generating capacity and 321 MW thermal heating capacity.

Fortum has used low-NOx technology which is used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions at big electricity and district heating plants. In low-NOx combustion technology, the formation of NOx  compounds is reduced by air and fuel staging. Consequently, the primary part of the flame doesn't get enough air, creating the hydrocarbon radicals decreasing the NOx that is formed in the combustion process.

Fortum's contribution to the project:

  • Modifications 2010-2015 starting from the unit 2
  • NR3 type of the burners  / boilers
  • OFA system corrosion protection system for side and rear walls
  • Urea injection system flue gas temperature measurement system, advanced control system
  • Warranty value for NOx < 190 mg/m3n

Customer benefits

  • NOxemission without urea injection < 300 mg/m3n
  • NOx emission with SNCR < 190 mg/m3n
  • Urea consumpiton 0–375 l/h (32.5% solution). Typical daily average for urea consumption 150–170 l/h
  • NH3 in flue gas < 5 ppm, unburned content of fly ash (UBC) max 0–1.5%-unit higher than before
  • CO < 300 mg/m3n, typically < 100 mg/m3n. Slagging at coal firing was not increased
  • Boiler steam performance and dynamics was not changed
  • No effect on oil firing or boiler start-up


  • Power plant: Jaworzno III (hard coal) front-wall firing, six boilers
  • 6x225 MWe
  • Location: Jaworzno, Poland
  • Power output: 1345 MWe, 321 MWth
  • Commercial operation: 1976–1979
  • Customer: TAURON Generation S.A.
  • Project duration: 2010–2016
  • Services: Low-NOx burners and Over-Fire Air system for six boilers

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