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Fortum’s Loviisa power plant Unit 2 will be shut down for repair on Friday 13, January

12 January 2017, 19:30 EET

​On 12 January, 2017, a small steam leak was detected in a flange connection of a small tube in the primary circuit of the Loviisa power plant’s unit 2. Unit 2 will be shut down on Friday 13 January, for the duration of the repairs. The repair work starts on Saturday and the estimated duration is 4 -6 hours. We expect Unit 2 to be back in full power during Monday.

The situation does not endanger people, environment or the power plant.

Loviisa unit 1 is in normal production.

More information:
Anssi Laakso, Head of Maintenance Technology, Loviisa Power plant, +358 10 45 54063