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STUK, press release on 5 Jan, 2017: More detailed investigations concerning nuclear power plant product counterfeits to be continued

05 January 2017, 15:30 EET

​The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK required in June 2016 that the Finnish nuclear power companies Fortum and Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) should investigate whether equipment of whose material quality one cannot be fully certain has been delivered to their nuclear power plants.

The reason for the request for investigations was the notification of the French company Areva according to which defects, neglects and counterfeits have been detected in the manufacturing and inspection documentation of parts of equipment delivered to nuclear power plants in France and possibly also other countries.

Fortum and TVO have been investigating since last summer what types of equipment the suppliers under suspicion may have delivered to Finnish nuclear power plants.

STUK received specifications concerning the Loviisa nuclear power plant from Fortum at the end of December. According to the specifications, inadequate or counterfeited documentation has not been found to this date, though investigations partly need to be continued, because they are difficult and time-consuming. Further information is expected by 31 March 2017.

You can read the whole press release from here.