GrowSmarter – demonstrating solutions for intelligent cities

GrowSmarter is an EU funded project that brings cities and industry together to demonstrate 12 smart city solutions. Its goal is to provide valuable and practical insights on energy, infrastructure and transport, as well as opportunities for replication, thereby helping other cities transition to a smart, sustainable Europe.

Smart energy solutions

Stockholm, one of GrowSmarter’s three Lighthouse cities, is participating in the project with the refurbishment of Valla torg, a district that hasn’t been modernized since it was built the 1960s. The challenge of bringing the neighborhood to a sustainable level requires GrowSmarter’s industry partners to use their expertise to enable the community to function within the circular economy.

Fortum is taking part in measures in all three of the action areas being modeled at Valla torg: Low Energy District, Integrated infrastructure and Sustainable Urban Mobility.

Low Energy District

Consumer power is an important factor in the energy systems of the future. Fortum is equipping apartments in Valla torg with tablets that will allow tenants to monitor their electricity use, its cost, and how much carbon dioxide it generates. Allowing households to keep track of their energy consumption will provide them with the knowledge they need to reduce their own environmental footprints.

Integrated Infrastructure

Fortum is installing heat recovery equipment that will capture waste heat from a grocery store and a data centre situated in the area, integrating it into the district heating system. The recovered excess heat from just these two businesses will provide more than 800 apartments with heating and hot tap water year-round.

Sustainable Urban Mobility

In the quest for solutions that will allow residents to be mobile without the need to own cars, GrowSmarter’s Lighthouse Cities are testing a combination of vehicle sharing schemes, shuttle services and car and taxi services. To serve Valla torg’s electric vehicle car sharing pool, Fortum is equipping the district with its leading Charge & Drive EV-charging infrastructure as well as a quick charger.