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Fortum’s head office in Keilaniemi, Espoo will move

03 April 2017, 15:11 EEST


Fortum’s head office in Keilaniemi, Espoo, will move into a refurbished multi-space office that supports flexible working and innovative collaboration.

Fortum employees in Helsinki metropolitan area will move at the turn of the year 2017-2018 into a multi-space office located at Keilalahdentie 2-4. In addition to Fortum, the new head office building also houses Tieto and Microsoft offices.

The move will affect some 1,100 Fortum employees who are currently working at Espoo’s Keilaniemi and Piispanportti sites and Vantaa’s Myyrmäki site. The head office move is part of a broader corporate culture change, which will strengthen innovativeness, open interaction between employees, and a modern management approach. Fortum announced the plans to give up its current Keilaniemi head office first time in spring 2014.

“We at Fortum want to respond to the requirements set by digitalisation and a changing working life, and we want to get the best possible benefit from new technologies in our daily work. The head office move strongly supports this objective,” notes Fortum’s Arto Räty, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications. “The goal is to promote the work well-being of our personnel by offering an inspiring working environment and the opportunity for flexible working,” Räty continues.

Fortum’s new head office will be a multi-space office offering space solutions that accommodate various working needs. Based on the work, employees can select comfortable spaces for open team work, project work, creative work, or quiet work. Efficient co-working is supported by latest technological solutions.

Fortum is reviewing the continuation of its current Keilaniemi head office and has selected real estate and investment management company Jones Lang LaSalle Finland Oy (JLL) to partner in this work. The primary alternative is to sell the building. The construction of the building was completed in 1976, and it served initially as the head office of Neste. Located in a maritime setting, the Keilaniemi head office building is about 90 meters high and is one of Finland’s tallest high-rises. The zoning amendment that took effect last year allows the building to be repurposed for residential use and for service and commercial use. It is also possible to build two, low-rise residential apartment buildings in the area.

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