Charge & Drive – smart solutions for e-mobility

As a leading clean energy company, the focus on reducing CO2 emissions has been in Fortum’s DNA for decades. Our pioneering Charge & Drive EV charging platform responds to the critical need to decarbonise cities’ transport systems by providing smart solutions that support e-mobility.

Charge & Drive provides smart solutions that support e-mobility

The number of Electric Vehicles (EV) owners is growing by the day, and they expect charging services to be simple, convenient and secure. Solutions with reliable hardware and software as well as responsive customer support are crucial to the end user experience. We have developed Fortum Charge & Drive to meet these demands, paving the way for the more widespread and efficient use of EVs.

Fortum Charge & Drive offers customers and operators a cloud-based service for quick and convenient EV charging. It is connected to a network of 1,400 affiliated smart chargers across Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and our international presence is growing daily. 

With the Charge & Drive app, customers can easily find the nearest available charging station and pay with their preferred method, whether by RFID, App, or SMS. If users encounter any problems or require support, they can access to the 24-hour customer support from every charging station.

For operators, the smart, cloud-based solution enables them to manage and grow their charging business, regardless of what hardware is in their network. The SaaS solution's comprehensive back-end system enables remote management of the charging stations and new functionalities are constantly being added, while the white-label app allows their customers to locate charging stations, check availability and compatibility, and manage their personal accounts.

Organisations like IKEA Norway, Shell, KIWI, McDonalds, OP Bank, and several municipalities and utility companies, rely on Fortum Charge & Drive, making us the leader in providing charging solutions in the Nordics. We are number one in Norway, the country with the highest number of EVs per capita.

With partners in 11 countries already using our SaaS platform, Charge & Drive is continuing to expand throughout Europe and around the world, providing operators with the tools and knowhow to offer world-class charging services for their clients, and providing EV drivers with seamless functionality and a superior user experience. Charge & Drive shares our expertise, learnings, and insights from different markets with our partners and clients, as together we work to provide smart e-mobility solutions and decarbonise our cities' transport systems.

Join us as we drive the change for a cleaner world.