Ground-breaking method for cleansing waste products and reusing valuable resources

Multi-purpose On-site Phase Separator

Through the Recycling and Waste Solutions unit, Fortum has developed a new method called the Multi-purpose On-site Phase Separator - or just MOPS. It removes pollutants from strongly contaminated soil, hazardous waste and waste incineration residues in an effective way with minimal harm to the environment. At the same time MOPS decontaminates waste, residues and valuable resources for further use.

Fortum Waste Solutions is already one of Europe’s leading companies regarding treatment of strongly contaminated soil, and we are constantly looking to improve existing treatment methods or develop new methods. The MOPS technology is our solution for a modern, high-technology treatment process which:

  • can be used in relation to many different input materials
  • takes place close to source
  • has a short process time
  • uses substantially less water than conventional methods

Another contribution to the circular economy

The MOPS technology has already been tested on a smaller scale. Among other things, it turned out to be effective in relation to separating mercury and isolating salts and metals to an extent of purity making the treated fraction reusable. We therefore expect the technology to contribute essentially to reducing the consumption of raw materials and strengthening the sustainability profile relating to waste treatment processes.

MOPS is an on-site solution treating the waste in interaction with the customer by using for instance the company’s own wastewater. The technology will thus be a strong contribution to the circular economy.

Pilot project

Fortum Waste Solutions has applied to the The Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s fund for green innovation – MUDP – for financial support to be able to implement the concept in relation to specific fractions. The idea is to use the MUDP subsidies for conducting a pilot test of the technology. The pilot project will use and develop the MOPS technology in practice during 2018-2019. The three specific focus areas are as follows:

  1. Decontamination of strongly contaminated soil from “Groyne 42” in Thyborøn – the primary contamination source is mercury. MOPS will contribute to an essentially better sustainable treatment. The flexibility of the method secures the correct treatment regardless of the condition of the fraction.
  2. Recovery of the fly ash from incineration plants. The ash is a residue with a big content of different salts and metals. The MOPS system has an ability of harvesting valuable materials while simultaneously decontaminating the treated fractions, and will reduce the demand for landfilling of residues.
  3. Recovery of phosphorus from water treatment plant sludges. Decontamination of polluted sludges that would otherwise require incineration or deposit.

The allocation of means is decided in September – read more about Ecoinnovation/MUDP.

Further information Jonathan Cope, Director, Sales Denmark, jonathan [dot] cope [at] fortum [dot] com (), +45 6331 7367