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Fortum SmartLiving and YIT engage in strategic partnership in developing smart living

09 October 2017, 10:00 EEST

ONLINE NEWS 9 October 2017

YIT has selected Fortum as its strategic partner to develop new, smart living services. The goal for YIT Homes is to be capable of integrating resident-selected services that make everyday living easier.

With the Fortum SmartLiving cloud service, residents can monitor their energy consumption in real time, program the operation of home appliances, adjust room temperatures, receive an alert about a possible water leak, and schedule time in the sauna or at the EV charging station.

“Our strength is an extensive portfolio of services for smart living and our own digital platform for which we are continuously developing. We can also integrate other housing-related services to the same platform, like the YIT Plus service. With our SmartLiving service, residents can control all housing-related services from a single interface, even from their mobile device,” says Sales Director Timo Kivi from the Fortum SmartLiving unit.

The Fortum SmartLiving service platform’s easy adaptability, the resident-oriented usage concept and the real-time energy monitoring distinctly separates it from other home automation solutions in the market. With the smart cloud service, YIT and Fortum want to make daily life easier for residents, with the residents, the apartments and the housing companies forming a cohesive and well-functioning community. The data processing is done in the cloud, enabling opportunities to create and offer diverse added value services that benefit residents and property management. 

“For years, the smart home has been talked about in the context of convenience and daily living, and now the theory is finally becoming reality. It’s important to our customers that digital services are easy to use and really work in daily life. The Fortum SmartLiving solution has taken a big leap forward in these issues, and we are very happy about that. We believe the partnership with Fortum offers an excellent opportunity to further develop housing services towards increasingly smoother everyday living and the future,” says Pekka Helin, Senior Vice President, Housing Business Development, YIT.

Fortum wants to be part of developing sustainable living and urban solutions. Fortum SmartLiving is an all-in-one solution that also supports sustainability and the wellbeing of the environment. The SmartLiving concept expands from the home automation system to also independent energy production with solar panels, and to household EV charging stations and other smart energy solutions.

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