HorsePower: from the stable to an energy resource


​A key component of our HorsePower concept is the circular economy, which is based on the recycling of materials and the utilisation and reduction of generated waste. Wood-based bedding is a by-product of the forest industry and is utilised at the stable as bedding. The bedding-manure mixture, in turn, is utilised as a source of energy at a power plant.

The local factor is also a key part of our HorsePower service. The bedding delivered to stables is locally sourced, the bedding-manure mixture collected from the stables is utilised at a local power plant, and the heat produced is used locally.

Utilising horse manure in energy production is an important element in the future circular economy, and the Fortum HorsePower service offers people with horses an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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