Narva power plants, Eesti Energia, Estonia, asset management process development 2016–2017

Fortum’s has created a modern asset and maintenance management process to Narva power plant. It has renewed and upgraded the plant’s maintenance strategy by taking environmental, ecological and safety aspects into consideration.

Narva Asset Management Project

Description of the project

The project has consisted of criticality analysis which is a systematic and analytical method to identify and classify power plant components, equipment or systems or other production assets with the consideration of the required level of equipment redundancy. It has worked as a prejudice for the further development of maintenance and repair strategy optimisation and spare part philosophy on the basis of risks and reliability. The project has covered also development assessment of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), definition of KPI’s and other performance indicators as well as planning preventive maintenance actions for certain critical equipment.

Customer benefits

The criticality class has given a good information about both the equipment reliability expectations and its role in the production process, including environmental/ecological and safety aspects. The equipment criticality analysis has helped determining priorities for the maintenance and repair planning and execution, as well as to promote risk awareness and management.

The project has given the customers an effictive road map to:

  • create the Preventive Maintenance (PM) actions and programs by formation of reliable maintenance strategy
  • give the principles for spare part and stocking strategy and progress the associated purchasing processes
  • develop CMMS to better support operation and maintenance activities
  • design and determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This helps the company to assess the realisation of selected strategy and determine of bottlenecks in the maintenance and repair processes.


  • Power plant: Narva power plant, Estonia
  • Location: Narva, Estonia
  • Power output: 1615 MWh
  • Commercial operation date: 1969
  • Customer: Enefit Energiatootmine As
  • Project duration: 2016–2017
  • Services: Criticality Analyses (CA), Maintenance Strategy Optimization and instructions for the planning of preventive maintenance


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