Power Solutions supports to implement strict EU norms in big power plants

PS to support in BAT norms

Fortum Power Solutions to support customers in implementing the new strict EU’s emission levels for large combustion plants

The European Union accepted at the end of April 2017 the new emission levels for air and water pollution of the large combustion plants. Fortum Power Solutions has extended its expert services and offers solutions for power plant air and water pollution control. For instance in 2016 Power Solutions made to its customers eight combustion technical studies on reducing emissions to air.   

New aspects and strict schedule

The so called BAT*decisions in the LCP BREF* document apply to large combustion plants with total rated thermal input of 50 MW or more. The total thermal input of a plant depends on the common stack approach.

The strict emission levels concern emissions to air and water including the new waste compounds. There are also new demands and limits for example in waste management, energy efficiency and monitoring.

The BAT decisions and their emission levels to air and water are described in the LCP BREF document. In addition to "traditional" air pollutant limits (such as nitrogen and sulphur oxides, particulates), there are also more strict demands for new pollutants such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide, ammonia and mercury. In addition, there are new emission limits for pollutants such as fluoride, sulphate and mercury and other heavy metals concerning direct waste water discharge to environment from flue-gas treatment  in the document.

Demanding schedule requires prompt decision making

The European Commission has officially published the BAT decisions on 17 August 2017.  The BAT associated emission levels come into effect four years after the publication (2021). Thus the schedule for the implementation is demanding.

Combustion plants have to make a report on how the new BAT-demands are met within six months from the EU publication and the environmental permits have to be most likely updated. Furthermore, the Finnish combustion plants that are in the transitional national plan (TNP) have to comply with the emission limits of the industrial emission directive (IED*) within three years, on first of July 2020 at the latest.

Fortum Power Solutions has extended its services

Our recommendation for power plants in Finland is: now is the right time to prepare for plant-specific reports on the current status regarding the BAT-decisions and prepare technically and economically feasible plans for the future. Power Solutions is pleased to support our customers regarding these projects.

Power Solutions has extended its services in power plant air and water pollution control. Our experts services offer tailor-made solutions for controlling emissions such as nitrogen and sulphur oxides, particles, mercury and other heavy metals, and the solutions cover pulverised fuel, fluidized bed boilers and also oil and gas boilers independent from original equipment manufacturers (OEM).  We can offer, depending on the customers' needs, project and design services, audits, studies, commissioning and operation & maintenance. In addition, we offer boiler fuel conversions for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and services for energy efficiency and combustion monitoring. Our services are in accordance with international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001).

For controlling water pollutants in power plant, Power Solutions offers cost-efficient and environmental friendly solutions. The extensive know-how covers wide variety of water treatment technologies and with the help of our expert organisation we also offer tailor-made solutions for the customer. The existing water treatment systems and infrastructure in customers’ plant are taken into consideration and utilised, when our solutions are designed.

Further information:  Antti Heinolainen, tel +358 504 532 137