Seminar on Nordic energy cooperation called for a deeper collaboration on many fronts

​On 31 October 2017, Fortum organized a seminar in Keilaniemi, Espoo, under the theme Nordic energy cooperation - Jorma Ollila's report and beyond.

Around a hundred participants representing government officials, regulators, TSOs, European Commission, power exchanges and energy industry gathered to discuss how to move forward in the development of the Nordic energy cooperation. The main driver for the discussion was the report that the Nordic Energy Ministers' meeting assigned to Jorma Ollila to prepare as an independent investigator. The key note speakers at the event included Jorma Ollila and the Finnish Minister of Environment, Energy and Housing Kimmo Tiilikainen.

Mr. Ollila's report Nordic energy cooperation: strong today, stronger tomorrow was published on 20 June 2017. The Nordic Energy Ministers are expected to discuss the report and agree on next steps in their meeting on 23 November 2017 in Oslo. In the seminar, Ollila presented the main messages of his report and the key proposals for a more powerful Nordic cooperation in the energy sector. "A stronger collective Nordic voice would not only significantly benefit the Nordic countries but also other countries in the European Union who could build on the Nordic experience and knowledge," Ollila said.

Minister Tiilikainen also underlined the importance of a deeper Nordic cooperation and the responsibility to show leadership in climate issues. In addition, he addressed the development of smart energy systems and expressed a wish to see more concrete ways in which the consumer could utilize the information from the smart systems more efficiently. In the seminar, the planned Nordic stakeholder forum and regional cooperation were actively discussed during panel discussions.

Fortum's conclusions after the seminar on Nordic energy cooperation:

  • Nordic Energy Ministers should discuss the proposals presented in the “Ollila report” and agree on a roadmap to implement the selected priorities.
  • The discussion should lead to a joint vision on the future direction of the Nordic energy market and on the regional energy policy cooperation.
  • Without strong political leadership and commitment no progress can be expected. Political commitment should go beyond election periods.
  • Communication and trust are the key in building a successful cooperation between the countries, but also between different stakeholder groups.
  • Closer cooperation and coordination of national energy policies and implementation measures would improve level playing field and lower the overall costs of societies associated to those decisions.
  • Nordic regional energy policy cooperation should develop towards Nordic-Baltic cooperation. 
  • Following the wholesale electricity market development a logical next step should be the development of a better coordinated Nordic retail markets, making full use of digitalization in developing flexibility and demand response.  
  • A strong call for a regional energy stakeholder forum has been made. All relevant stakeholder groups, including the demand side should be involved in this cooperation.
  • Nordic Energy Ministers should agree on the structure, mandate and modalities as well as resources of such a stakeholder forum.
  • A common and coordinated Nordic voice in Brussels on selected issues should be strengthened.

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