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Fortum adds 35 MW of wind power to the Russian power market

12 January 2018, 13:06 EET

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Fortum’s Ulyanovsk wind farm is listed in the registry of capacity from January 2018. The 35 MW power plant is Russia’s first whole sale market wind generation facility. It receives Capacity Supply Agreement (CSA) payments for a guaranteed period of 15 years. The payment reaches 180-200 Euros/MWh.

The wind farm is located near the city of Ulyanovsk which is situated some 680 km south-east of Moscow and has 620,000 residents.

One of Fortum's four strategic cornerstones is growing in solar and wind. In 2017 Fortum and RUSNANO created a 50/50 partnership to further create substantial CSA-covered wind capacity in Russia in 2018-2022.

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