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Fortum’s innovation challenge is seeking a breakthrough idea to revolutionise living comfort

18 January 2018, 11:01 EET



Fortum launches an innovation competition to find solutions for increasing living comfort. According to a survey commissioned by Fortum in November 2017, the main negative impacts on the comfort of living in housing company dwellings is stuffy inner air and large changes in temperature. Approximately 40% of the 400 respondents mentioned stuffy air as the main problem, and over 30% mentioned temperature fluctuations. Residents expect semi-automated solutions.

In a competitive energy market, the forerunners are those who develop their business with services that use new technologies and constantly more flexible and increasingly ecological methods for production and efficient end-use of energy.

To serve its customers as well as to accelerate the development of the industry, Fortum is announcing an innovation competition for making living more comfortable. The ideas could, for example, be related to heating, cooling, ventilation and new service concepts.

“It’s important that the idea solves an existing problem or responds to a known need for the largest number of users. We at Fortum will help in bringing the idea forward. Now we want to combine customers' need for comfort and ease with engineers' expertise in overall economy and technology," says Pasi Kokko, Fortum’s head of customer management for the heat business in Finland.

The competing ideas must be able to clearly describe the novelty value of the idea and its feasibility. The winner will have the opportunity to collaborate with Fortum and gain from our world-class expertise in the energy business.                            

The competition runs from 18 January through 18 February 2018, and the winner will be announced in April 2018. For further information about the competition, visit

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