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Fortum and Svenska Kraftnät successfully tested the suitability of electricity redundancy system for rapid adjustment of the electricity system

11 July 2018, 14:02 EEST

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The pilot project by Fortum, Eaton and Svenska kraftnät effectively demonstrated that an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system in a data centre is very suitable for balancing the electricity system during short-term peaks in power demand. The test used a data centre’s UPS system, manufactured by Eaton, for quick and short-term adjustment of the electricity system’s power demand.

“In the future we will need faster power reserves that can be adjusted very precisely within periods of a few seconds. The collaboration with Svenska kraftnät has provided a lot of useful information in utilising power reserves in electricity markets. 

The information we learned can be used in the deployment of new flexible power reserves in the strongly evolving electricity markets, where CO2-free and renewable electricity production that is dependent on weather conditions is increasing”, says Fortum’s Tatu Kulla, Head of Trading Ventures and Development.

During the pilot project, Fortum offered 0.1 MW effect produced by UPS system to the Svenska kraftnät power reserve market for a few hours a day. The amount proved to be sufficient in demonstrating that a UPS system is suitable for use as a power reserve.

"The project shows that UPS-system has a very fast reaction time, that it regulates according to the requirements from Svenska kraftnät and that it has the potential to be a future resource on the reserve market", says Axel Hermansson, project manager from Svenska kraftnät.

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Ilari Alaperä, Project Manager, Fortum Spring, +358 40 688 5559

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