Fortum joins EV30@30 campaign for vehicle electrification

Fortum joins EV30@30 campaign for vehicle electrification

Fortum, The United Kingdom and six major companies today joined the EV30@30 campaign, which aims to speed up the deployment of electric vehicles and target at least 30 percent new electric vehicle sales by 2030.

The EV30@30 Campaign sets a collective aspirational goal to reach 30% sales share for electric vehicles  by 2030. The EV30@30 campaign is organized by the CEM-Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI), coordinated by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The EV30@30 Campaign aims to support the market for electric 2- and 3- wheelers, electric passenger cars, light commercial vans, buses, and trucks.

Fortum actively promotes the electromobility development, therefore we would like to express our support to the EV30@30 Campaign. We are committed to contribute to the environmental improvement of the transport sector, by providing different EV charging services in Europe and India. 

“Today, road transport accounts for more than 40% of global oil demand. At Fortum we strongly believe that the electrification of transport is one of the crucial elements in limiting air pollution and preventing further climate change. The ultimate need to improve air quality and limit emissions, as well as reduce noise caused by vehicles, is increasingly pressing in most urban areas. We are helping to tackle the challenge by offering customers convenient, affordable and accessible services in electromobility, and by developing cloud services and infrastructure for chargers around Europe”, Pekka Lundmark, President and CEO Fortum says.

Today Fortum is a leading EV charging services provider in the Nordics, enabling access to an extensive public charging network, offering destination charging services, as well as a cloud solution that helps also other organizations in Europe to develop and offer EV charging services.

In 2018 we took another important step to promote the electrification by simplifying charging access also to European EV drivers outside of the Nordics. In India via various partnerships we aim to develop charging services in the cities. We have also deployed electric vehicles and charging station in our Indian office.

In order to facilitate a rapid transition towards more environment friendly car fleet, since the beginning of year 2018 the company car policy in Fortum Finland is restricted to BEVs and PHEVs. We have also installed and made available 46 EV chargers with 92 outlets to our employees in Fortum's new headquarter in Espoo, Finland. In addition we have so far installed 9 chargers available for our employees in Norway. 

We will continue to work towards an increased uptake of electric vehicles among our employees by information sharing and other educational actions. We will also actively participate and contribute to the development of favorable legislation within the EU, we will also continue to promote various regulatory initiatives that supports the development of E-Mobility.

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