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Fortum, Wärtsilä, Tieto, St1 and Demos Helsinki launch Innovation Community initiative to speed clean energy targets

05 December 2018, 12:00 EET



Clean-energy company Fortum, together with Wärtsilä, Tieto, St1 and Demos Helsinki have today launched an Innovation Community initiative aimed at drastically accelerating the global energy sector's transition to cleaner, more environmentally sustainable energy production.

The Innovation Community is creating a forum for business-oriented and goal-driven innovations in the changing energy market. The Community will provide an arena in which to study, improve, experiment, validate and bring to market innovations that drive growth in the energy value chain.

"We are launching this initiative in an effort to solve big energy challenges. The Community provides an open innovation environment in which to develop new solutions in collaboration together with the community partners and the surrounding energy ecosystem", commented Tapio Poutiainen from Fortum's Innovation & Venturing.

The community has been established based on building trust and facilitating the challenging first steps for collaboration between its members. The goals include building a vision and roadmap for accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources, and experimenting and bringing to market promising new innovations. The Community will also provide a platform for multi-stakeholder collaboration with corporations, startups, universities, NGOs, and the public sector through dialogue, open events, and jointly organised projects.

Tapio Poutiainen added: "Fortum's role is to accelerate the change towards a cleaner world by reshaping the energy system and providing smart solutions. We are well positioned in the ongoing transition in the energy sector towards a decarbonized world, and this Innovation Community initiative will build on this - both in our current operations and in new businesses."

The announcement of this initiative was made in Helsinki at the Slush exhibition, the world’s leading startup event.

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