Ready to run one of the world’s most efficient biomass-fired power plants

03 January 2019, 14:14 EET

By operating one of the world’s largest and most efficient biomass-fired power plants, in England, Fortum eNext is not only implementing Fortum's strategy but is also taking the UK a step closer to its goal of obtaining 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Tees Renewable Energy Plant in the UK

Fortum eNext provides power plant services and supports energy-intensive industry with smart and sustainable solutions as they strive to meet tightening environmental regulations.

In 2016 we signed an agreement to operate and manage the Tees Renewable Energy Plant in North East England. Over the course of the full-scope Smart Operations agreement spanning several years, we will be responsible for managing the plant’s overall operations, including its technology, services and personnel.

The construction phase of the plant has begun in the UK. The main contractor is carrying out the basic work and has started setting up the main structures of the plant. For us, the focus is on mobilisation and its preparations.

When the plant begins commercial operation in 2020, the 299-megawatt facility will be one of the largest and most efficient dedicated biomass-fired power plants in the world. It will burn wood chips and pellets to generate electricity for the equivalent of 600,000 homes, improving resource efficiency while reshaping the region’s energy system. Furthermore, the plant’s projected output of approximately 2.3 terawatt-hours of electricity a year will displace about 1.2 million tonnes in CO2 emissions annually.

Our world-class concept and valuable experience as an owner and operator of biomass-fired power plants were the deciding factors for MGT Teesside Ltd in choosing to partner with Fortum eNext. We work with energy companies to improve their operations and reduce their emissions. Our mission is to help customers use their power for good.

Today, two-thirds of global electricity production continues to be based on fossil fuels. Fortum’s mission is to engage our customers and society to drive the change towards a cleaner world, and Fortum eNext plays a major role in this undertaking. We believe that energy companies are ready to take the next step.