Seven partners in the UK & Ireland select Fortum Charge & Drive platform to manage EV charging operations

09 May 2019, 13:22 EEST

Driving an EV

The Fortum Charge & Drive Management Cloud (CDMC) solution has been selected by seven partners in the UK & Ireland to operate their growing networks of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The management system has been developed by Fortum based on the demanding E-mobility requirements in the Nordic markets, where the Fortum platform is operating over 3000 public chargers and managing approximately 250,000 paid charging transactions every month. The majority of this volume comes from Norway where 58% of total vehicle sales in March were pure battery electric vehicles. 

Fortum’s purpose-built cloud solution, was re-platformed in 2018 to ensure the scalability which the uptake of electric vehicle ownership will demand in the coming years, and to increase the simplicity and reliability for end users which is fundamental to the success of any Charge Point Network. 

The partners in the UK & Ireland include Alfa Power, based in Leeds, Franklin Energy, based in Liverpool, EV Driver, based in East Anglia, Plug ‘n Go, South-East England, Go Charge, Dublin Ireland, ePower, Cork Ireland and one additional partner that will be revealed in the summer. 

Partners’ confidence in the Fortum platform is assured as the system is central to Fortum Charge & Drive’s own operations, and that Fortum, as a forerunner in E-mobility continually, invests in new and innovative projects to enable additional use cases for adoption by partners in the UK/ Ireland and across Europe. Such innovation projects include High Power Charging on highways, services for home electricity customers, charging as a service for fleet and workplace customers, wireless charging for taxies, and demand-response solutions for grid balancing. 

“With continued support from both the UK & Irish governments, we see that the uptake in EV ownership and access to EVs through various car sharing schemes will increase sharply in the next few years, and with cost parity expected already in 2022-2023, we will see a tipping point away from traditional ICE vehicles,” says Michael Warner, SaaS Business Manager at Fortum Charge & Drive. 

“Fortum partners in the UK and Ireland are an important part of the E-mobility landscape as they are all growing their respective charging networks, making the ownership of electric vehicles a feasible choice. Preparation for the disruption in the automobile industry and the expected exponential growth of EVs will place a high dependency on the charging infrastructure providers, and we believe that our partners are prepared to meet that demand. Fortum’s role is to provide a reliable and scalable business management system and pass on any relevant learnings from our own experience as an operator”. 


Please make contact, if you would be interested to speak to any of our UK & Ireland partners or if you would be interested to hear more about the Fortum Charge & Drive Management Cloud.

Further information: Michael Warner, SaaS Business Manager, Fortum Charge & Drive, Mobile +358 (0)50 462 3371, michael [dot] warner [at] fortum [dot] com