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Plugsurfing and Jaguar Land Rover Offer New Charging Subscriptions

12 August 2019, 12:22 EEST

Plugsurfing Jaguar

Customers can now drive across Europe with the freedom to charge wherever they want and pay in the way that suits their wallet best. In order to make public charging increasingly accessible, Plugsurfing and Jaguar Land Rover offer new subscription plans for the Jaguar Public Charging App and Land Rover Public Charging App that allow customers to choose tailored charging packages based on their specific needs. This is another step in a series of collaborations made between industry players and Plugsurfing of Fortum Consumer Solutions. Starting on 12.08.2019, customers can upgrade to one of three new payment options: Pay as you Go, Gold and Platinum charging packages.  

Drivers can by default enjoy continued no-commitment, pay-as-you-go pricing. This option requires payment only when charging services are used. Customers can search the Jaguar Public Charging App or Land Rover Public Charging App to check the different prices at various charging points. The new Gold charging package is ideal for frequent EV drivers or local commuters. Drivers only need to keep two prices in mind as this subscription offers countrywide fixed rates for both AC and DC charging. Subscribers benefit from reduced average charging prices compared to the pay-as-you-go model. The monthly subscription fee is 4,99€ (including VAT) with a fixed charging price. Everyday EV-drivers gain rewards for their frequent charging, as the Platinum charging package for 9,99€ (including VAT) a month with fixed AC and DC charging rates offers substantial savings on charging costs. Both options have a minimum six month subscription period. 

Chantal Shearing, eMobility Manager for Jaguar Land Rover said, "This update to our public charging offer with our partner Plugsurfing strengthens our commitment to give customers easy access to charging throughout Europe combined with simple market tailored pricing options." 

These subscription options are a part of a continued strategy between Plugsurfing and Jaguar Land Rover to ensure that customer access to hassle-free mobility is at the center of the EV experience. The universal rates for AC and DC charging and access to fast charging on HPC networks like Ionity and Fastned eliminate the unpredictability and hassle from the charging experience.  

“We created this new pricing model to accommodate the driver’s preference for simplicity, while also taking the specific market conditions of different countries into account,’ says Bettina Riekenberg, Key Account Executive at Plugsurfing. “We are happy to cover the varying needs of EV drivers in one streamlined pricing model.” 

Since 2018, Plugsurfing is the preferred partner for public charging in Europe for Jaguar Land Rover. The collaboration gives drivers seamless access to Europe’s largest and most up-to-date network of over 118.000 charging points. The Plugsurfing network is integrated into the web user portal and the Public Charging App and is currently available in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Sweden and Norway. Customers can sign up for a subscription plan in the Jaguar Public Charging App or Land Rover Public Charging App under their user account, or online via the user portal (links). 

Fortum Charge & Drive and Plugsurfing joined forces in 2018 to provide services for electric vehicle drivers when Fortum acquired full ownership of Plugsurfing. 

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About Plugsurfing 

Plugsurfing is Europe’s largest electric car charging network, fostering sustainable mobility by providing EV drivers with seamless access to over 118.000 charging points in 33 countries. The Plugsurfing app and RFID charging key facilitate transparent and easy charging information and payment solutions for its 100.000 users.  

As a strong partner of car manufacturers, fleet operators and leasing companies, Plugsurfing believes in a collective approach towards achieving efficiency and sustainability. Products that provide seamless solutions to complex problems are the key to making the world a greener place. Plugsurfing was founded by Adam Woolway and Jacob van Zonneveld in 2012 and is located in Berlin. Since 2018, Plugsurfing has been owned by Fortum. 

About Jaguar Land Rover 

Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, built around two iconic British car brands: Land Rover, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium all-wheel-drive vehicles; and Jaguar, one of the world’s premier luxury sports saloon and sports car marques. At Jaguar Land Rover, we are driven by a desire to deliver class-leading vehicles, which will provide experiences our customers will love, for life. Our products are in demand around the globe. In 2018 Jaguar Land Rover sold 592,708 vehicles in 128 countries. We support around 260,000 people through our retailer network, suppliers and local businesses. At heart we are a British company, with two major design and engineering sites, three vehicle manufacturing facilities and an engine manufacturing centre in the UK. We also have plants in China, Brazil, India, Austria and Slovakia. From 2020 all new Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will offer the option of electrification, giving our customers even more choice. We will introduce a portfolio of electrified products across our model range, embracing fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles as well as continuing to offer the latest diesel and petrol engines.