Fortum eNext to provide emissions reduction technology to Tisovà power plant in Czech Republic

20 September 2019, 14:57 EEST

Fortum eNext has been selected to carry out a boiler refurbishment project at Tisovà, power plant in Western Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The main target is to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from the lignite fired boiler to make it meet tightening European emission norms.

Fortum eNext NOx reduction solution is based on primary methods.

The contract with Elektrárna Tisová a.s. for renewal of the existing combustion system including installation of low-NOx burners for boiler K9 was signed on 12 September, 2019. Also other modernization works of existing equipment will be done to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the boiler in the future.

“Conventional power plants often need modifications to reduce their emissions and withstand changes in operating modes, as the share of renewable energy increases in the system. During the transition phase, our expertise will allow the Tisová power plant to continue successfully as part of the energy system, meeting the environmental requirements and at the same improving productivity," says Kari Lahti, Head of Environmental Performance, Fortum eNext.

The project will start immediately with design works. Actuals works at the boiler will be implemented during spring, and the boiler will be back in operation in summer 2020.

“The CHP plant in Tisová is nowadays fully owned by Sokolovská uhelná – the very same company that ordered the NOx reduction equipment for their Vřesová plant from Fortum in the early 2000's. We are very pleased to enter into a new cooperation with the same client,” Kari Lahti says.

Fortum's technology is based on primary reduction methods, i.e. the key will be to prevent formation of NOx in the combustion process. The solution reduces emissions effectively and, compared to secondary methods, brings a significant benefit for the customer in the long run, as there is a minimum need for new equipment, no auxiliary power or media consumption and no by-products for disposal.

Fortum eNext has performed more than 50 coal-fired boiler modification projects in the EU area since 1991. These modifications have reduced NOx emissions cumulatively by more than 700,000 tonnes, of which more than 170,000 tonnes in the Czech Republic. By comparison, Czech Republic’s total NOx emissions were 163 200 tonnes in 2017.