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Nordic nuclear power companies starting trainee programme for future engineers

17 October 2019, 10:00 EEST

Control room screen from Loviisa nuclear power plant

Fossil-free and stable electricity generation is important for continued electrification with reduced emissions. Now nuclear power companies want to secure technical expertise. As a result, Fortum, Uniper, Vattenfall and TVO have started a joint Nordic trainee programme.

The Nordic nuclear power industry is kick-starting a joint trainee programme – the Nordic Nuclear Trainee Programme. In 2020, 15 university students or graduated engineers/technicians will have the opportunity to participate in the programme and will gain 15 months of quality mentoring at a nuclear power plant in Sweden and Finland.

"We maintain our strong position for supplying stable, fossil-free electricity, not least through nuclear power, which will continue to be of importance for future electricity supply. We are making this investment to ensure that competence will be available to the nuclear power industry. This is a chance to join us on our exciting journey," says Johan Svenningsson, CEO of Uniper Sweden. "It will also provide us with new knowledge and drive us forward in a highly technological, global industry that is constantly developing."

Securing competence for future electricity systems has always been a hot topic in the energy industry. Currently, the greatest challenge is designing electricity systems that not only can supply the electricity society requires, but that are also fossil-free and have the least possible impact on the environment. Demand for electricity is also expected to increase in the very near future.

"Vattenfall sees the need to recruit hundreds of engineers to our nuclear power operations in the coming years. Nuclear power also facilitates climate work with its fossil-free electricity generation. It is about continuing to electrify society and replace fossil fuels, not least in transportation and industrial production.," says Torbjörn Wahlborg, Head of Generation at Vattenfall.

"With the increasingly severe threat to the environment, nuclear power has an important role to play in the Nordic electricity system. It also features in the main scenario for reaching climate targets set out by IPCC. For Fortum, it is important to operate the existing nuclear power with high safety and for the development of new generations the need for highly qualified employees will be great. With this trainee program we hope to be able to offer an attractive entrance into the industry," says Tiina Tuomela, Head of Fortum's power generation.

"We need more electricity and less emissions. Together with renewable energy sources, nuclear power plays a crucial role in mitigating climate change. In Olkiluoto, we will soon put into operation a new nuclear power unit, Olkiluoto 3, which we see as Finland's largest single contribution to addressing climate change. Soon, around 30 percent of Finland's electricity will come from Olkiluoto, where we have control over the entire life cycle. We see nuclear power production as an important future area, where young people have many opportunities in the international arena as well. The new trainee program is an example of this", says TVO's CEO Jarmo Tanhua.

Fortum, Uniper, Vattenfall and TVO believe that nuclear power will continue to be important for electricity supply and for long-term efforts to reach climate targets.

For further information, please contact:

Per-Oscar Hedman, Head of Communications Sweden, Fortum, +46 70 214 75 45
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