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Fortum’s Energy Review: From national to regional grid planning

06 November 2019, 14:50 EET


ONLINE NEWS 6 November 2019

Fortum has today published its Energy Review on the differences and harmonisation opportunities of the Nordic TSOs (Transmission System Operators). The review consists of a report written by Pöyry and Fortum’s assessment based on the findings of the report.

The report reveals that despite the fact that we have a joint regional Nordic electricity market, the underlying infrastructure is largely nationally driven. The TSOs have different historical and operational perspectives. Grid investments are primarily driven by national interests and prioritisation. Even in joint projects where Nordic cost-benefit methodology is used, national interests often take precedence over common benefits. There are also clear differences in the approach to the existence and management of congestion in the transmission grid. In addition, the current balancing tools are not harmonised across the Nordic TSOs. Finally, the transparency of information about the market is not disclosed in a systematic way across the TSOs.

Fortum believes that the regional Nordic electricity market is a key enabler for the Nordic countries to reach the ambitious goals for climate neutrality, energy transition and electrification at a lower cost than if each country were to optimise the electricity market from a national perspective.

“As a true Nordic electricity company, we are able to witness the significant benefit that the common electricity market delivers to our societies every day. There are still many harmonisation opportunities for Nordic grid operations and planning to enhance our Nordic electricity market. The Nordic TSOs and policy makers should seize those opportunities and also increase the overall cooperation inside the region,” says Simon-Erik-Ollus, Fortum’s Vice President, Trading and Asset Optimisation.

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